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ICA Pre-Conference: Global Media and Human Rights in Prague

Between 23-24 May an ICA Pre-Conference on Global Media and Human Rights will take place in Prague, Czech Republic, organized by the Leading Resear...

JMK Event 08:00. It precedes the 68th Annual ICA Conference held in the Czech capital between 24-28 May, organized by The International Communication Association (ICA) itself. For more information please visit and the Leading Research Environment web page. Read more »



Disputation: Stoutwear and the Discourses of Disorder

This dissertation examines how fashion media discourses created the conditions through which the fat, female body was both known and constructed wi...

Fashion Studies Event 10:00. Read the full abstract here Disputation: Lauren Downing Peters, PhD student in Fashion Studies. Full title: Stoutwear and the Discourses of Disorder: Constructing the Fat, Female Body in American Fashion in the Age of Standardization, 1915-1930. OPPONENT Reina Lewis, professor, London College of Fashion CHAIR Jan Olsson, professor, Stockholm Un... Read more »

"The Discourse on Character Actors in Hollywood Fan Magazines and US Newspapers, ca. 1920-1950"

Linn Lönroth presenterar en text. Diskussant: Joel Frykholm

Higher seminar in Cinema Studies 14:15. Linn Lönroth’s PhD project focuses character actors and acting in Hollywood film of the 1930s and 1940s. The study aims at analyzing the eccentric, eye-catching and not so seldom subversive performances of ‘minor characters’, as well as investigating their importance and actual working conditions in the Hollywood’s studio... Read more »



The Representation of Protests in Transnational Television News

Jacob Sommer, JMK

Higher Seminar – JMK 10:00. Jacob Sommer defends preliminary chapters of his dissertation Opponent: Andreas Widholm Read more »



Establishing Italian Fashion in the Transatlantic Postwar Trade | FINAL SEMINAR

Final Seminar with PhD Student Chiara Faggella.

Fashion Studies Event 10:00. Opponent: Vittoria Caterina Caratozzolo, PhD in History of Women’s Writings, Sapienza University of Rome. Adjunct Professor of Fashion Culture, Sapienza University of Rome and University of Bologna, Rimini Campus. Chair: Klas Nyberg, Department of Media Studies, Stockholm University Examiner: Maaret Koskinen, Department of Media Studies, S... Read more »



The Fight for Digital Rights - Final Seminar

James Losey, JMK

Higher Seminar – JMK 10:00. James Losey defends the final seminar version of his dissertation Read more »





From Cold War to Information War: RT and the global media environment

The theme of propaganda has dominated much media coverage of the Skripal spy poisoning scandal and recent interference in the elections of various ...

Higher Seminar – JMK 10:00. In this context, a narrative has emerged which sets the Kremlin at the centre of a web of cyber-warriors and media machinery, all centrally coordinated to attach a single audience. The reality is much more complicated, and Russian media discourses are more complex than often presented. But these misrepresentations of Russian media strategies und... Read more »