Activist Media in Turkey

The prospects for journalism in Turkey have never been very bright, but recent developments seem to be ushering in one of the darkest periods in Turkish media history.

Photo: Istanbul 2013 © Ihsan Gercelman
JMK Event Friday 19 may 2017. 10:00-11:00

The number of media organizations that have been shut down, journalists prevented from working and, not least, their imprisonment, has resulted in extensive self-censorship. At a time when even basic facts are subjected to censorship, there is an unprecedented need for platforms aiming to meet the need for accurate, reliable and verified information as well as a site for open public discussion. Activist Gürkan Özturan will be talking at the Screening Protest seminar about the work involved in maintaining such a platform. He argues that in the current context, citizen journalism networks are essential to news provision in Turkey, but asks: how sustainable a model is it to rely on citizens as the main actors for a free press? All welcome.

Gürkan Özturan is coordinator and editor of the grassroots citizen journalism network agency dokuz8NEWS.

Photo above: Occupy Gezi, People in peaceful protest in Taksim square Istanbul on June 29, 2013 © Ihsan Gercelman Mostphotos


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