Global Media Café: Free Speech and Free Press in Turkey

Cengiz Çandar, Turkish journalist, author Bitte Hammargren, Middle East & Turkey analyst, Swedish Institute of International Affairs Thomas Thorén, journalist based in Istanbul Jonathan Lundqvist, President of Reporters Without Borders - Sweden

Photo: Ufuk Uyanik © 2015 Mostphotos
Evenemang – IMS Onsdag 8 november 2017. 16:00-17:30

Event (full title): Global Media Café: “Free Speech and Free Press in Turkey: Where Have We Come From? Where Are We Going? What Can We Learn?”
Location: Karlavägen 104 (4th floor), JMK-salen
Language: This event will be in English
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In recent years, the aggressive position taken by the AKP government in Turkey toward journalists, journalistic organizations and social media platforms has been well-documented. In this panel discussion, the current situation in Turkey in relation to free speech and free press will be addressed, and particular attention will be paid to how the current media situation in the country has developed over time, and how the suppression of speech and press (or the threats of suppression) in Turkey can be used in the service of power. What lessons can events in Turkey teach scholars and journalists in Sweden, Europe and globally about the relationship between political power and free expression in our own countries?

The event is part of the Global Media Café series of public debates sponsored by the Leading Research Environment in Global Media Studies and Politics of Mediated Communication, Section for Journalism, Media and Communication Studies.


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